With an Osteopathic approach.

LIFT GYM is one of the few locations where this type of bodily therapy is available, at our Point of Balance therapy practice. Susan Edgerton's exceptional reputation has led to clientelle that included world renowned ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov

Susan approach involves finding out what is hurting and finding the real cause of the pain. Many aches and pains, both minor and severe, are caused by the body, muscles or bones absorbing streses. Susan morks to release those stresses using cranial-sacral, myofascial, osteo-articular and visceral techniques.

If a client comes in for treatment of their shoulder, Susan may actually work on their pelvis first. Because most people don't think three-dimensionally about their body, they do not realize the cause of pain may be internal. Clients with less than optimal posture find themselves with better posture and no back pain. Even what seems to be purely emotional pain can be found to be caused by something in the body absorbing stresses.

The Osteopathic method helps decompress the stress in a bone, a joint, a nerve, or a tissue.  It can benefit patients whose bodies have absorbed the severe stress of a high velocity impact (such as a car accident), those with sports injuries, anyone looking for maximum and optimal functionality, and those looking to take strictly preventative measures. This holistic method of release increases vitality and circulation within the body.

The use of manual therapy may be combined with traditional therapy modalities such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation or therapeutic exercise, depending on an individual's needs.

Susan sees only one client per hour. As she puts it, "My focus is on you. I am looking at your body from head to toe."

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